Meet Don

the engineer creates that which never was
think about the problem differently
step outside your comfort zone
it all begins in the laboratory
inventing inventors
science made intelligible
radical innovation through government support of campus research
one planet – one future
on the road from lab to market
on the cusp of a metallurgical renaissance
imagine a world in which things are bright
the spoken word perishes; the written word endures
go against the grain
choose to work on the tough problems, not because they are easy, but because they are hard

Donald Sadoway is a Key Opinion Leader in his field of science and its impact on society.  He has been called a visionary for his ability to think about big world problems for which there are electrochemical solutions and state them in a way that is broadly accessible.

Don’s keynote talks on energy have been well received all over the world to a wide range of audiences.  His performance is always a big hit because of the way he engages the listener with straight talk about the issues, offers clear explanations of the relevant science, and tenders a message of hope—not simply a criticism of what is wrong in the world but a vision of a path forward – all of this peppered with humor.  He teaches us to think about the problem differently, to have the courage to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, and to inspire others to join in the invention of cost-effective solutions.  During his presentations he has a wonderful way of weaving in references to music, art, and literature in a beautifully crafted talk—Sadoway informs as well as entertains.